April 2016 Update: The EC Celebration Goes On + Andi’s Off to Ireland!!

Dear friends and fans of the EC Customizable Card Game, valued Readers!

Before I leave this country – do not worry, I will be back eventually – and set forth to the “green shamrock shores” of the “emerald isle” (and yeah, I am Ireland-bound, departing this Saturday 16th of April, bound to stay 5 whole weeks!) I wanted to update everyone about what is going on in the “world of EC”, which, as many of you will already know, celebrates it’s 10th anniversary of existence this year, and what is going on with us over at AP Games! So here we go!

Elemental Clash Spieleschmiede Progress Report:

Since the funding of the German Edition of Elemental Clash on “Spieleschmiede” was successful back in December last year 2015, a lot has happened and I have been commissioning and paying for the remaining artworks that is needed to complete the EC “1oth Anniversary Edition”, “Elemental Clash: Antediluvian Dreams”, little by little and am happy to report to you that the process is almost complete and that only a few artworks are still to be done – in fact everything could have been ready and printed months ago if it weren’t for the costly artwork that was still needed to complete EC: Antediluvian Dreams. So, backers on Spieleschmiede, do not worry, all is going well and at a steady but safe pace and everyone will have their Elemental Clash sets in due time, some time around mid-year as promised. And for all those who do not speak German, don’t you worry either, for as soon as everything is ready, the artwork all done and paid for and the cards proofread and whatnot, I shall release the 10th anniversary set Antediluvian Dreams on The Game Crafter as per usual for the English EC releases of the past, so all who are curious and interested can order their very own copy in English there also some time towards mid-year. But enough talk, let me share some eye-candy from the upcoming full expansion “Antediluvian Dreams”!

First off, I’d like to show you some samples of the all new card-type, to be introduced in EC: AD, the Buildings, brilliantly executed by our very own EC art veteran, Enggar Adirasa from Indonesia (who just turned 30¬† – Happy Birthday to you Enggar!!). (Sorry folks, the preview pics are in German this time around – just enjoy the visuals! ūüėČ )

Neue Gebäude von Enggar Adirasa PNG

Next up are some fantastic illustrations done by Evgeni Maloshenkov from the Ukraine, all done is his very own, very peculiar and awesome stlye!

Neue Illustrationen von Evgeni Maloshenkov PNG

Once again, the text in the above art previews is in German. I will translate the card art titles real quick for all ye English-speaking fellows! Top left: Resurrecting Raptor (Muan Faction); top right: Lemurian Mechanic; bottom left: Hyperborean Berserker; bottom right: Atlantean Lancer.

Also, and this has nothing to do with EC: Antediluvian Dreams in particular, but rather with the past EC Spieleschmiede funding campaign. As part of the latter, backers could pledge for “portrait cards” as has been done in past crowdfunders etc already. So here are 3 of the 5 portrait art & card previews for your viewing pleasure. Since these will be included in the German Edition printing of EC as result of the successful crowdfunder, once again, the preview images are in German Language. However I will give you the English translations for each character.

Here we go!

Carm, the Dragonhammer:

Art & Card Preview Carm der Drachenhammer DEUTSCH small

Tenarcs, the Powercharger:

Art & Card Preview Tenarcs, der Blitzauflader DEUTSCH small

Torbart, the Shadowhammer:

Art & Card Preview Torbart der Schattenhammer small

EC 10th Anniversary Release Wave 1: Tribal Packs & Transformations imminent!

As part of the celebrations around this year’s 10th anniversary of Elemental Clash I will be releasing, over the course of this year, numerous Elemental Clash products besides the massive 10th anniversary expansion set EC: Antediluvian Dreams discussed above and in previous updates – among them mini-expansions and standalone games. The release of the first “Wave” is imminent. It will consist of no less than 9 mini-expansions with all new, extra cards you can bolster your EC cards collection and decks with, namely the 8 EC Tribal Packs mini-expansions as well as the awesome “Transformations Pack Number 1”. The latter will contain about 30 – 40 cards of the all-new and exciting Transformed Creature cards that will indeed “transform” your EC gaming experience by adding yet another strategic layer to the game. Here a photo of the soon-to-be-released (as soon as this weekend in fact!) packs:

EC Tribal Packs + Transformations

An in-depth written review by none other than Cyrus “Father Geek” Kirby shall be released simultaneously with the publication of these packs on www.thegamecrafter.com. Also, Andrew Lloyd of Left Hand Reviews will upload a video review of the above mini-expansions, the 8 Tribal Packs plus the first Transformations Pack, in a few weeks time. I would like to seize the opportunity to send out many thanks to both Cyrus and Andrew!

Elemental Clash “Spellcaster Shirts” now available!

I am happy to announce that I have no less than 10 different and awesome Elemental Clash Fan Shirts readily available at www.redbubble.com, your one-stop solution for cheap custom shirts printed on demand as well as a ton of other custom accessories and gadgets. There is one shirt for each of the original “Master Set” Spellcasters, from A like Atanas to X like Xyric! You can choose your favorite!! Please check out the previews below:

You can find and buy any and all of these shirts (and more) at my redbubble portfolio HERE! Thanks in advance for showing your support!! ūüėÄ

EC & AP Games & Don’t Panic Convention 2016 in Vienna:

Since I was so kindly and personally invited, I went to Vienna for a “gig” at the annual Don’t Panic Tabletop Convention along with one of my AP Games Minions… errr good friend and helper Stefan. Below some visual impression from the Con. In brief: EC was very well received and so were the other games and protos I took along. And just check out what a badass banner I got myself! ūüėČ

Photostrecke DPC 2016 PNG

At this point, I woul like to thank Stefan for his assistance and the people behind DPC for the kind invitation! It is always a pleasure and we will be there again next year for sure! ūüôā

And now for something totally different:

Andi is off to Ireland

I am kidding you not, dear reader… I will go to my favorite place of all for a (partly) recreational trip to and stay at the green isle!! While I will be gone for 5 weeks – leaving this Saturday, 16th of April and staying until May 21st – I shall not be idle and neglect the work on EC and my many other projects, as I will take my work along with me – in the form of my aging laptop – and will have stable internet access there (as I was told). The photo above is from my 10-days “hardcore” bus round trip in Ireland in May last year. I liked it that much that I have to go back to the “emerald isle” again to savor its beauties in the form of song, drink and scenery among other things without being rushed from one tourist site to the other! ūüôā

So yeah, stay tuned for more Elemental Clash awesomeness and the next update here on the official EC homebase on the web!

One last thing: Please note that we now have an official Elemental Clash discussion forum, in the very place where you can find the comprehensive EC card and rules database at www.elementalclash.info. I would be pleased to read your posts, feedback and ideas on there some time so go ahead and do check that out if you are curious and got the time! (Thanks a million to Chris Parsons who went through the trouble of making all this happen!!)

Until next time I say and bid you farewell, dear readers! As always I wish you all!




(AP Games)

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Massive Jan 2016 Update: We Celebrate 10 Years of Elemental Clash!

Dear friends and fans, fellow gamers and Elemental Clash enthusiasts!!

EC 10th Anniversary Banner

As some of you may already be aware of, 2016 marks the 10th birthday of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game which was conceived in one lush summer night’s epiphany (for lack of a better term) and has stood as it was back then up to this very day – of course new cards new abilities and other things were added to expand upon the ever-growing Elemental Clash universe… So yeah, we, that is all EC afficionados around the world got all reason to celebrate and in the following, very extensive update article, I will be covering lots of fortunate things that happened recently and will also deal with all the EC-awesomeness I have in store for you in this joyful year 2016!! So as not to just torment you with a huge wall of text, the following, massive update will be decorated with plenty of nice pictures and visuals such as card and art previews from that which is coming towards us this very year, EC-wise!! So let’s get started with the great news in a more or less random order!!

December 2015: EC funded on Spieleschmiede!!

EC Spieleschmiede Banner FUNDED

As many of you may know or were actively following, we ran a crowdfunding campaign on “Spieleschmiede” (that would translate to “Games Forge” roughly), a crowdfunding platform run by a major Germany-based games online store which only has a hand-picke few tabletop games up for funding at one time, which ran from November 13th through December 20th 2015. Starting on the very launch day of the campaign, which had the goal of realizing the long overdue German language versions of the EC Master Set and the Legendary Legacy Expansion as well as financing the massive amount of artwork needed for the awesome “EC 10th Anniversary Edition”, EC: Antediluvian Dreams (more on that one soon).

Right on launch day and throughout launch weekend my trusty assistant and good friend Robin and I were advertising for Elemental Clash and the Spieleschmiede Campaign at the largest event in tabletop games in all of Austria, the annual Vienna “Spielefest”. It was our second time having our own booth there and we had a heck of a good time and must have played over 50 games of EC with many, many people who all shared the same opinion about the game AFTER they had tried it. Everyone was cured of the initial “Magic Clone Reflex” or however you can call the curse that haunts EC ever since its earliest days after actually giving the game a try, a chance.

Here some visual impressions from Spielefest 2015 (The cheering folks are a part of the Spieleschmiede team who attended as well – the bearded guy is my humble self whilst you can see Robin on the bottom right…):

EC am Spielefest

So in the end the Crowdfunder for German EC was a SUCCESS, even if it was “just” a partial one. 48 brave “Smithies” pledged a respectable 7250 Euros (about the same in US Dollars right now), which was enough to fund a print-on-demand solution. That means all backers will get their games but mass production on the other hand did not work out in the end. That is unfortunate but I look at the bright side of things, knowing I have another 48 dedicated and enthusiastic EC fans in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. My thanks go out to all who pledged, spread the word and supported in whatever other way imagineable. My VERY SPECIAL THANKS I wanted to send out to a very generous gentleman from Germany, whose name and address will be withheld, who will be known soon as the mighty Spellcaster “Tulkassar, Conduit of Progress”. This kind person contributed an incredible 1000 Euros right away and as the campaign drew to an end, he topped it off with another 350, in a supreme act of selflessness which allowed for us to unlock all Stretch Goal bonus cards not only for himself but for all backers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your boundless generosity and enthusiasm for my humble card game creation, valued Tulkassar!!

So the funds and the fans are there for me to realize the very special EC 10th Anniversary Edition, but there will be many more awesome things coming your way, valued EC enthusiast. Let me start with some additional info and  kickass visual card and art previews for Elemental Clash: Antediluvian Dreams:

EC: Antediluvian Dreams – Commemorating a Decade of Elemental Clash:

Antediluvian Dreams Banner Announcement 1

Well, over the last 10 years, Elemental Clash has gone a long way and been a trusty companion for me, a pillar to rest my mind on as well as a great outlet for my creative energy, and through it I met a lot of new friends along the way, be it my loyal artists, most of whom hail from Indonesia or the people who stumbled over EC and were daring enough to reach out to me via email leading to nice conversations and new friendships every now and then – the occasional email filled with praise from a stranger for my humble creation is actually a big part of what kept me going all those years, as, and some of you out there may know this, and furthermore it is quite obvious, it was not always all peaches and cream and I had my fair share of downs and cumbersome events in between the good times.

The “Evolution of an Elemental Clash Card” as depicted below is a good way of comprehending or visualizing the long and winding road I have come down with Elemental Clash and Elemental with me over the past 10 years and…

EC Evolution

…all, for now at least, culminates in the EC 10th Anniversary Special Expansion “Antediluvian Dreams”.

EC: Antediluvian Dreams (EC: AD for short) is special in many respects and I would like to refer you to my previous update from half a year ago, in which I describe the somewhat batshit crazy theme and setting of the commemorative full 300 cards expansion, which is, contrary to all other previous releases, not set in the fantasy world of the wondrous mega-continent Anduvia, but rather in an equally ficticious and historically not-quite (to say the least) accurate prehistory of Earth and humankind. Again you can read all the details in the aforementioned previous update from July 2015 and instead of torturing you with lengthy explanations concerning the theme, setting and world of EC: AD once again, and instead would like to please your eyes (and maybe boggle your minds – to some extent at least) with some fantastic art and card previews from the 10th Anniversary Set, in which advanced “Vimana Sky Chariots” battle tribal Pterodactyl riders in the Air and Zombie T-Rexes are risen to combat mighty War Mammoths on the ground…

First I want to show you some samples of the most stunning artwork I have had yet in the history of Elemental Clash, at least in my opinion, coming from the incredibly skilled hand of highly talented, young illustrator Naranbaatar Ganbold from Mongolia:

EC - AD Sample Artwork Naranbaatar small

Sorry for the German names; from left to right we got the Muan Spiritcaller, then the Lemurian Thunderrod Wielder, followed by the mighty Hyperborean Doubleaxe and lastly the magnificent depiction of a common Atlantean Infantry Swordhand. I think many will agree with me that this young fellow is a genius and I am happy to have him on the EC art crew and at the same time think he and his work would deserve a lot more attention and appreciation as it currently gets.

Next up, some card previews depicting some of the various, advanced Vimana Flying Machines, which I took out of the Indian national epic “Mahabharata”, wherein the wars between the gods are described along with detailed descriptions of their powerful sky chariots with which they waged war in the heavens above, all brilliantly illustrated by EC art veteran of the first hour, Enggar Adirasa:

Various Vimana Aircraft PNGEnggar also did a terrific job on some of the all new Building Cards to be introduced in EC: AD. See Previews below:

EC AD - Building Preview small

And lastly, concluding our visual trip through fantastic world of EC: AD, I would like to show you two very well done artworks in the form of card previews done by a newcomer in the EC art team, the also highly gifted, young illustrator Audia Pahlevi from Indonesia (and there you have your Zombie T-Rex as previously promised!):

Muan Card Previews PNG

And that is it regarding the update on the EC 10th Anniversary Edition “Antediluvian Dreams”…


But if you thought THAT was awesome enough all by itself, you are mistaken, dear reader and friend of EC!! For I got plenty of more EC awesomeness coming towards you, which will be released in waves over the course of this special year 2016. Let me introduce you to the rest of the EC goodness in the order I am planning on releasing it – EC: AD will be available on www.thegamecrafter.com around mid-year by the way. I will keep you updated!

So here’s what I have had planned for for a long while actually and was just waiting for the EC 10th birthday year to break for to release:

Bolstering your Ranks with the EC “TRIBAL PACKS”:

Tribal Packs Banner Announcement JPG

As hinted at by the above teaser/banner image, I am planning on releasing no less than 6 Mini Expansions for EC, which I named “Tribal Packs” since each pack will be all about one of the above Creature types (“Geldrons” would be the Humans as you’d probably be able to tell anyways), with a focus on all new Creature cards (depending on which pack(s) you purchase you some Spells that are somehow connected to the respective Creature Types or Tribes) with exciting new abilities etc. My plan is to release the 6 different Tribal Packs (namely Dwarves, Albs, Orcs, Geldrons/Humans, Sauroids and Abysslings) towards the end of 1st quarter 2016 to the general public on The Game Crafter as per usual.

At this point I would like to interrupt real quick in order to let you know you can check the contents fo the Tribal Packs and in fact all EC cards released to date or to be released soon on the comprehenisve EC card database at


The next “wave” would be the release of EC: Antediluvian Dreams on The Game Crafter (in English language) around mid-year 2016 as mentioned before… But I ain’t quite finished yet when it comes to awesome new EC sets; not by a long shot. So I would like to introduce you to an EC-related Pet project which I had been pursuing for quite some time now, which will be a highly exciting STANDALONE Set of Elemental Clash. Lo and behold…

EC: Nusantara Tales – A Standalone Set all about Indonesian Mythology and Lore:

Nusantara Tales Banner Announcement 1 JPG

After my good friend and fellow artist Dennis Saputra from Indonesia had magnificently completed illustrating the whole EC: Austrian Tales Set (based on Austrian folk tales and mytholoy – TO BE RELEASED on TGC as well as soon as I am done translating it to English language), which encompasses no less than around 100 different cards and hence 100 different artworks – a great achievement for just one artist notably – we mulled over some ideas and at some point it occured to us that we could do the Indonesian counterpart to EC: Austrian Tales, since Dennis’ island home harbors a rich heritage in mythology and folklore as well and hence the idea of EC: Nusantara Tales (Tales from Indonesia) was born. Soon after the igniting spark a dynamic trio of lead game designer (my humble self), artist (Dennis Saputra) and general consultant for Indonesian mythology and many other things (Dennis’s brother Novaldi) was formed.

EC: Nusantara Tales is going to be a Standalone EC Game as mentioned before but is of course fully compatible with all other previous EC Sets and releases and contains a rich blend of authentic Indonesian folk tale and mythological characters and elements on the one hand and made-up (chiefly by Novaldi and myself) fantasy stuff on the other hand. As an example for two characters taken straight out of and directly inspired by Indonesian folk tales, take a look at two of the in the end ten Nusantara Tales Spellcasters, beautifully rendered by Dennis Saputra:

NT Spellcaster Previews PNGSangkuriang and Rangda are both iconic, legendary figures from Indonesian mythology and lore. On the other side of the spectrum, the pure fantasy side, I came up with 4 major races, each one inspired by Indonesian myth and legend but purely made up to stress this point again, each of which is associated with one of the four elements and each of which will have their very own, trademark card ability (this will be keyworded of course!). Take a look at sample cards from each of the four ficticious races I came up with: The Siluman or Beastfolk for Earth, the Peri, which would come closest to Faeries in Western mythologies for Air, the Rakshasa, which are demonic giants, for the Fire Element and lastly the Water Element Manunaga, which is a mix of the Indonesian term for Human (Manusia) and for Dragon (Naga) – so basically Dragonfolk (also illustrated by Dennis Saputra, as everything will be in EC: Nusantara Tales):

EC NT Races Preview Website PNG

We plan on having EC: Nusantara Tales ready for release on The Game Crafter towards end of the year, right in time for Christmas at the very latest, which means this will be the last “wave” of EC releases for 2016. Dennis is working fast and hard and at great quality but having to do 100+ artworks is a major task for just one artist, hence the late expected release date or timeframe rather.

On a closing note, EC: Nusantara Tales will be introducing yet another new card type, namely Location Cards which will have global effects affecting all players and altering the flow of the game in a general manner. Only as much for this for now!


To finally bring this already way too lengthy update article to a close, here some random notes and announcements that might be of interest to some of you:

Second EC “Intro Pack” to be released in Brazil soon, Master Set will follow:

My business partners and friends of Rocky Raccoon Games in Brazil have already released the first Elemental Clash 2 Player Intro Pack “Trolls vs Goblins” back in 2015. Now the second Intro Pack “Humans vs Merfolk”

HvsM Teaser Image small

…will follow soon, sometime towards the end of¬† first quarter of this year. Rocky Raccoon are furthermore highly determined to keep their promise of releasing the full EC Master Set in Brazil some time later this year. More specific release dates or timeframes are not known as of yet. But as far as the Brazilians are concerned, the Master Set will hit game stores over there at some point later this year.

Play Elemental Clash: The Master Set Online on Tabletopia:

EC auf Tabletopia

As part of our work and promotion for the German Elemental Clash Crowdfunder, the nice developers of online tabletop gaming engine “Tabletopia” have kindly implemented the EC Master Set on their platform. You can check it out and play it for FREE over here!

Elemental Clash: Austrian Tales to be released  at SOME point this year:


Austrian Tales Card Previews

This is basically just a reminder that I have a German language version of the Austrian folk tale themed and inspired Standalone Elemental Clash Game “EC: Austrian Tales” ready and just need to find the time to translate it to English to make it available for the English speaking gamer audience or EC enthusisasts to experience the eery, sinister and yet fascinating world of my own home country’s rich mythological heritage in the form of some nice games of EC! Same as EC: Nusantara Tales, Dennis Saputra illustrated all 100+ cards for Austrian Tales and same as with EC: NT, all will be fully compatible and blend in with all other previous EC releases and sets as a matter of course. I will keep you updated on the estimated release date of EC: Austrian Tales on The Game Crafter – all I can say now is it will definitely be available for purchase there within this very year 2016!

Expanding on the EC Universe: EC – The Tactical Board Game in Playtesting Phase:

Elemental Clash TBG in Action small

This is gonna be EPIC as you may be able to judge by the above photo of a 2 player game in action (it supports up to 4 players) and is at this point undergoing heavy playtesting. All I will say is it blends the “classic” EC experience, along with all the Creatures and Spells you find in regular,¬† cards-only EC, with tactical/strategic gameplay and such diverse elements such as a modular board (you can make out the various Terrain Tiles, which are placed at random and have all specific effects on Creatures etc) and tiny unit cards to be placed on little stands on the battlefield going along with larger “Reference Cards” which describe each unit’s special abilities and such. And SORRY I can’t possibly provide you with custom miniatures and NO I did not know¬† there was a Magic: the Gathering Board Game as well when I came up with this! ūüėÄ

CONCLUSION: EC beyond 2016:

I do not want to prolong the agonizing lenght of this most massive of imaginable EC-related news updates any longer, so all that remains to say is that I have already plans for the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game beyond the 10th anniversary year 2016. In fact, I am already working on the next full 100 different cards expansion set and am planning on releasing one such set on an annual basis, as long as finances permit that. Luckily, and I saved the most amazing news for last, the future of EC is pretty much secured for an indefinite span of time, as I have found an “investor” of sorts – none other than insanely generous Spieleschmiede Backer “Tulkassar” whom I mentioned way above, who has vowed to donate a SUBSTANTIAL sum of money to the “EC Cause” as a whole on the first of January each year. And I got my first support money right on time on Jan 1st 2016 indeed. Tulkassar is a man who stays true to his bold promises as it seems and I would like to thank him once again for everything at this point!

And this… finally… with bleeding fingertips, concludes my truly major January 2016 Update at last!! I hope you did not mentally collapse or anything before all the good news and announcements of hundreds of different EC releases planned for this year. You know, I really want to make the 10th anniversary of my “firstborn”, which EC is in some sense rock! And rock hard it shall!!!

I thank you, dear reader and EC enthusiast, very much for your interest, patience and attention if you made it this far. All that remains for me to say is this:


Yours truly,


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Awesome Update: EC on Spieleschmiede & EC 10th Anniversary 2016!

Dear readers, dear friends and fans of the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game!

It has been a while since I last provided a proper update on the status and progress of Elemental Clash (about half a year in fact!).

But now I am pleased to bring you tremendous tidings in the form of this here news flash articel / press release!

First off, I am highly pleased to announce that Elemental Clash – the GERMAN EDITION – will be funding on Spieleschmiede (that would translate to “Games Forge” in English) this coming November 2015!

EC Spieleschmiede Promo Banner 1

Spieleschmiede is a Germany-based crowdfunding platform run by a major German board game online shop (Spiele-Offensive). Contrary to many other similar crowdfunding platforms, Spieleschmiede does tabletop games ONLY and not everyone can launch their project on there. But after a long phone call with their representative, we soon agreed that Elemental Clash was in fact worthy of getting a chance on the Spieleschmiede crowdfunding platform – a fact by which I am immensely pleased as I have to admit! The fact that the Spieleschmiede guys accepted Elemental Clash for a crowdfunder on their platform makes me highly enthusiastic that the often-requested German Edition of the game will be funded successfully on there. The Spieleschmiede track record is highly impressive as they managed to fund 44 out of 49 game projects so far. Furthermore, the Spieleschmiede staff will take care of marketing and promotion as well as reviews etc. and guide me through the process of crowdfunding the game from first preparation all through fulfillment. Hence, I am very excited to see what is going to happen in November regarding the EC Spieleschmiede crowdfunding campaing. One nice detail: We will most likely be printing through Carta Mundi, the very same guys who are printing Magic: the Gathering – this means we MAY be able to offer our backers FOIL (Holo) cards as special rewards.

The Spieleschmiede Crowdfunder in its most basic form will seek funding for the German version of the Master Set, however we will try to fund the Legendary Legacy Expansion Set as well along with many additional cards for stretch goals and such. The detailed plan will be worked out by the Spieleschmiede team and myself. IF we are able to make it, we might even be able to offer the Elemental Clash 10th Anniversary Edition! That leads me to the second part of my announcement, which is no less awesome than the first part:

As announced in the title of this post, a great ocassion is nearing ever so fast as

we are going to celebrate the Elemental Clash 10th Anniversary in the coming year 2016!!

EC 10th Anniversary Banner

Indeed, it has been almost 10 years since I scribbled down the first iteration of game rules and cards for Elemental Clash in one lush summer’s night back in 2006, while I was ending my civil service and beginning to study social work. Interestingly, not one jot in the rules has been changed ever since (although new stuff was added such as the popular Spellcasters and – quite recently – the “Transformations”) and many of the old cards which I came up with right after nailing down the rules in quite a rush are still the very same and made it into the definite version of EC, the Master Set and consecutive expansions. So this coming year 2016, it is time to celebrate Elemental Clash and its 10 year history!

What better way to celebrate than sending out a ton of German Editions of the Master Set and more after a – hopefully – successful crowdfunding campaign on Spieleschmiede? Well I can think of something that can top even that! So get this:

In 2016 I will release a special 10th Anniversary Full (about 100 cards) Expansion to Elemental Clash going by the name of

Elemental Clash: Antediluvian Dreams

Antediluvian Dreams Banner Announcement 1

Elemental Clash: Antediluvian Dreams (EC: AD in short)  will be a very special full Expansion Set in many aspects. First off, let me tell you that the set will be released and available IN ANY CASE on www.thegamecrafter.com in English Рas per ususal. However, if we will be able to raise enough funds through the EC crowdfunder on Spieleschmiede, there will be a German release as well. So again, the English Edition will be available by mid-year 2016 at the latest on The Game Crafter no matter what. As for the German version, it depends on the outcome of the crowdfunder towards the end of this year.

But back to what makes EC: AD so special and worthy of the joyful ocassion of the EC 10th Anniversary celebration:

First off, EC: AD is set in a completely different world as compared to former EC releases, which were all taking place on the legendary continent of Anduvia. As the name “Antediluvian Dreams”, meaning “Dreams before the Great Flood” indicates, the new, 10th Anniversary Set takes place in a not quite historically accurate prehistory of an alternative Earth, where 4 grand, advanced civilizations, that are nowadays¬† long lost and forgotten, wage war against each other. Each civilization is ruled and guided by a god, which will be represented as a Spellcaster card, and each is associated with one of the four colors to be found in the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game. The four civilizations are Mu, dwelling on a continent in the Pacific Ocean who are associated with the Earth Element, Lemuria in the Indian Ocean associated with Air, as well as Hyperborea in the icy north associated with Fire and lastly the well-known Atlantis, in the Atlantic Ocean who are associated with the Water Element. Here some info on the four different factions / civilizations to be found in EC: AD:

In the fantastic universe of Elemental Clash, there are many different worlds and planes of existence so shifting the setting of the game to the not historically accurate prehistory of Earth will be a fresh new twist when it comes to the setting and flavor of the game. Be prepared for Hyperborean War-Mammoths, Muan Pterodactyl-Riders and resurrected Zombie T-Rexes as well as advanced Lemurian Vimana aircraft and Atlantean master builders and much, much more…

Besides the new, exciting setting of the Expansion Set, which will come with around 100 different cards, EC: AD will also introduce a new, slightly modified card layout which will look quite a bit more pleasing to the eye, as all unnecessary layout elements were removed to put the focus some more on the awesome card art, which will be done by many EC “veteran artists” as well as some newcomers to the EC art team such as highly talented Naranbaatar Ganbold from Mongolia. Here is a comparison between the old and the new layout! I hope you will like the new look of the cards, which features card-filling artwork as you can see below:

Altes vs Neues Layout

Furthermore, besides many new mechanics and abilities, the special Anniversary Expansion Set will introduce yet another new card type:


Building Sample

Contrary to Creatures or Spells, Buildings can be placed IN FRONT OF a suitable Element-Stone-Stack in the spot in your DEF-Zone that is in front of the suitable Element-Stone-Stack. So you do not have to “pay” for playing / constructing Building cards from your hand and you can place them in your DEF-Zone as long as the Element-Stone-Stack behind it has enough Element-Stones and an Element-Stone-Stack that produces the right kind of Energy. There will be Neutral Buildings as the sample above (note: the artwork is a placeholder for the time being) as well as faction-specific Buildings such as Hyperborean Steam-Gun Turrets, Atlantean Grand Libraries, Muan Jungle Temples and Lemurian Vimana Skyports. Contrary to Creatures, each Building will have a so called Structure Value (STR), that will be displayed in the teal-colored shield icon to be seen in the sample Building above. Whenever a Building takes damage, you put that many damage counters on it. Whilst damaged Creatures regenerate fully at each end of turn, the damage a Building took never regenerates by itself, hence the need of counters to keep track of damage. Whenever the number of damage counters is equal to or exceeds a Building’s STR-value, it is destroyed and sent to the Archive. But never fear, there will be effects that repair Buildings or retrieve them from your Archive.

Besides the new Building cards, there will be a huge variety of fantastic Creatures and Spells, magnificently brought to life by a talented cast of artists – EC “veteran” illustrators as well as new members of the EC art team, such as highly gifted Naranbaatar Ganbold from Mongolia.

Take a look at some card samples to check the high quality of the artwork to be featured in EC: AD yourself:

EC AD Card Previews Composite small PNG

So you see, the coming year 2016 will bring much awesomeness and if the gods of gaming grant me their grace, I will be able to distribute the German Edition of Elemental Clash: The Master Set and hopefully more to German-speaking gamers in my homecountry Austria, as well as Germany and other German speaking regions some time in the first half of 2016, powered through a crowdfunding campaign on Spieleschmiede this November 2015!

Meanwhile I have released many and will be releasing more Mini-Expansions / Tribal Packs for Elemental Clash on The Game Crafter:

So far I have finished several Mini-Expansions or Tribal Packs which are soon to be released and available on The Game Crafter as stated above. The Tribal Pack: Orcs (Fire) is already available and similar Tribal Packs for Dwarves (Fire), Albs (Earth&Air), Abysslings (Water), Humans/Geldrons (Air) and more are already finished and will be uploaded and for sale on TGC shortly.

Furthermore, my good friend Filip Bak from Poland has finished illustrating – in 1,5 – 2 years of hard, relentless work –¬† the full, standalone Elemental Clash Set “Slavic Tales“…

EC - ST Logo small

…which encompasses almost 300 cards that all represent mythological creatures straight out of slavic (eastern european) folk and fairy tales. It will be available on TGC soon as well and while the game is standalone (coming with ample Basic Element-Stones) it will of course be fully compatible with all other Elemental Clash cards and releases!

So you see, dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash, much has happened and even more will be happening regarding the game as November and with it the crowdfunder on Spieleschmiede in November approaches.

I for one am looking forward to a bombastic Elemental Clash 10th Anniversary year in 2016!!

Naturally, I will keep you all updated properly. Expect none less than EC awesomeness and maybe one or two surprises!

Yours truly,


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Elemental Clash: The Outlook for 2015!

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

As the old year is drawing to a close and the new year is nearing ever faster, I would like to give you a little glimpse of what the future of Elemental Clash will bring in this coming year! And a lot of things are going to happen, that I will tell you right away.

For 2015 I have planned  the release of several smaller and larger Expansion Sets for the game, which I am going to introduce you to shortly. But first let me break the greatest of all news to you Рin the form of an image. See below and be amazed!

3D Backgrounds for Desktop Computers Free 3D Wallpapers

Yes, that is right, Elemental Clash will be published through Rocky Raccoon Games in Brazil this coming year. I am afraid the Intro Pack won’t be released in time for Christmas but I was promised that the full Master Set will be released in March 2015, right after the dust has settled from the big Brazilian carnival! Thank you very much for everything Helio Greca! (See my Brazilian partner in the form of a promotional EC card below!)

Helios, Disciple of the Rising Sun Preview

OK so now that the grand news has been announced, let us move on to the various smaller and larger sets of Elemental Clash I plan on releasing over the course of the coming year 2015!

  • Tribal Pack “Orc Onslaught”:

This will be the first of hopefully many “Tribal Packs” which will be some kind of Mini-Expansions all focused on one Creature type – in the case of this first Tribal Pack it will be the Orc Tribe.

Tribal Pack Orcs Boxshot

Each Tribal Pack will contain 36 cards in total, so 12 different ones. Please note that each Tribal Pack will be illustrated by one artist. In the case of the Orcs Tribal Pack, Emmanuel Bou Rol√°n from Argentina is the artist to illustrate all the Orc cards and he is almost done with all of them. Have a look at some exclusive card previews from the upcoming Orcs Mini Expansion:

Some Orc Card Previews

  • Duel Pack: Order vs Chaos:

After the release of the first Duel Pack (Trolls vs Goblins) I plan on releasing further such 2 player dueling packs and next up will be the “Duel Pack: Order vs Chaos”. In the case of the latter, I have neither visuals to show you nor any info on the cards contained but you can be sure that there will be a ton of never-before-released/printed cards in both the Order and the Chaos Decks. I will post an update as soon as I know more about this second Duel Pack.

Next up two AWESOME Elemental Clash Standalone Sets that are both folk tale themed. Here they are:

  • Elemental Clash: Austrian Tales Deluxe Editon:

This is basically a re-release of the old Austrian Tales EC Set and will be a standalone game containing about 300 cards (around 100 different ones) and being playable without actually owning the Master Set (Base Set) as all 2 – 4 players will need to build a ton of different decks will be included, also Basic Element-Stones.

Austrian Tales Box Preview

For those who are not familiar with the previous release of Elemental Clash: Austrian Tales, this is a very special set that contains only cards inspired by or depicting mythological creatures and magical events from my own home country¬†Austria’s¬†rich cultural heritage of folk tales. The pack will be full of spiritual beings of all kinds, devils and dragons as well as dwarves and giants, all of which are taken right out of our Austrian folk tales. I named the re-release the “Deluxe Edition” because, contrary to the old release, all the cards will have professionally done, full artwork, masterfully executed by just one illustrator¬†– my good friend and fellow artist Dennis Saputra from Indonesia.

Take a look at some never before seen card samples below to see how great the new “Austrian Tales” will look like:

Austrian Tales Card Previews

Next up will be a similar set of Elemental Clash, which is inspired by folk tales as well – only this time not Austrian but Slavic (Eastern European) ones:

  • Elemental Clash: Slavic Tales:

For more than one and a half year my good friend Filip Bak, a very talented comic artist from Poland, has been tirelessly working on illustration after illustration for the Slavic Tales Set, which will be a Standalone Elemental Clash Set as well.

EC - ST Logo small

My relentless artist friend from Poland has created so much artwork that I actually lost count of the number of artworks we’ll have in the end and hence I cannot tell you a definite card count for the complete Slavic Tales Set but it is bound to be huge and my guess is a minimum of about 80 different cards that will come with Slavic Tales. Similar as the Austrian Tales Set, the cards in Slavic Tales are taken right out of the fantastic world of Slavic (Eastern European) mythology. What will make this Set special and stand out from the crowd of other EC Sets/Products is the fact that EC: Slavic Tales will consist of Creatures only (plus Element-Stones of course) – so there will be no Spell cards per se. However we designed the Creatures in a way so that many of them make for good replacements for Spells. The new “Quickplay” Ability will certainly play a central role in creating a working Set of Elemental Clash devoid of any Spells. For your Info: Quickplay is an Ability for Permanent Cards (so Creatures for instance) that lets you play them any time just like Flash-Spells. Combined with lots and lots of useful Play-Effects, a good part of the Slavic Tales Creatures will be good, well-working replacement for Spell cards. Take a look at four sample cards:

ST Some Card Samples

Well this is all I can announce for now as for new Sets of various sizes to be released over the course of the coming year 2015. As you can see, EC is far from dead and there is much awesomeness coming right for us next year. Let me announce two other major things that are going to happen in 2015:

  • “Transforming” Elemental Clash:

Inspired by another game of mine and to some extent by the Extra Deck shenannigans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG I felt the need or the urge to introduce something completely new into the Elemental Clash card game universe. What I came up with in one of my notorious “epiphanies” is something that might, quite literally “transform” the game and the way we play it – in a beneficial and desirable manner if done right.

So I came up with the concept of Transformations and introduced the new card type “Transformed Creature”.

Here are a couple for you to look at before I explain briefly how transforming Creatures works:

Some Transformed Creatures

As you can see above, I don’t have an actual artworks for the Transformation Cards (Transformed Creatures) – what you see above are just placeholders.

I shall explain briefly what the new Transformation thing is all about, but would recommend that you’d read the full article about Transformations on my games blog.

So with the introduction of Transformation Cards, each player is allowed to have a so called “Transformation Deck” of up to but no more than 12 cards. This deck is kept seperately, never shuffled in with the Spellbook (Main Deck) and will consist solely of Transformed Creatures like the ones seen above. Now each Transformed Creature has, besides other abilities, two “clauses”. The first is the “Transforms from X” clause, which indicates which type of Creature you need to have in play in order to transform it. The second clause is the so called “Transformation Trigger”: It indicates which conditions or requirements must be met in order to transform an eligible Creature in play. These requirements can be all kinds of thing as you can see in the four samples above. When you have a suitable Creature in play and the Transformation Trigger requirements of any of your Transformation Deck cards are met, you can take the respective Transformed Creature from your Transformation Deck and place it on top of the Creature in play. That is called a Transformation. Well, I think the possibilities with this new card type and game concept are endless and hold great potential both for me as the designer and for you, the player, adding yet another strategic layer to an already very strategic Elemental Clash. And don’t you worry, I will see to it that the Transformations will not be too overpowered so that using them would be mandatory to stay comeptitive. Done the right way, EC could benefit greatly from the Transformation concept and I will see to it that it will do so in the end!

Lastly, and this will conclude this whole bunch of awesome EC-related news, I will announce one more thing:

  • Upcoming: EC – ¬†The German Edition

After seeing, to my surprise, how well Elemental Clash was received at this year’s Spielefest in Vienna, the largest annual gaming event in Austria with tens of thousands of visitors, I have come to the firm conviction that I should try to bring Elemental Clash to the German speaking market, so mostly Austria and Germany, German being my native language anyways. So despite of more failed crowdfunders than I can count, I am very much inclined to try at least one more crowdfundern for financing a larger print run of the Elemental Clash German Edition, well planned through way ahead of time. My target had always been the American audience but maybe there could be a market for the game in Austria and Germany as well. And after all I have like 300 artworks and hence finished cards already around just sitting around on my external hard drive and all I’d need would be the necessary funds for the print run. Well I am definitely willing to give German EC a shot!


And that concludes my 2015 outlook regarding Elemental Clash! I hope you are looking forward to all the above just as much as I do!

Well, as you can see after having read this article, much work awaits – and EC is by far not my only projects as many of you will know!

So I, Andreas Propst, and the rest of the Elemental Clash Team wish you a merry christmas season and a happy new year!!

Sincerely yours,



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EC May 2014 Newsflash: Legendary Legacy Released!! + The Future of EC & More

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

Much has happened since my lasst Newsflash back in January this year and I will share with you the major news items in the following, beginning with the most awesome one:

Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy released and available on TGC now!

I am immensely please to be able to announce that the first full, 100+ different cards expansion to the Master Set – Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy

is finally complete, released and as of now available on The Game Crafter – if you want a copy, you can get it HERE.

There is also a RAFFLE in which you can win one out of three highly unique, exclusive and limited Release Promo Card Packs!!¬†You can enter until May 31st 2014 and only if you are in the United States of America – sorry all others, I don’t want to discriminate anyone but 40 USD international shipping is something I cannot at all afford…

To find out more about EC: Legendary Legacy and how to participate in the raffle as well as for some awesome card previews from the expansion I would like to refer you to this article on my games blog.

News on the Elemental Clash Mobile App:

Well first of all my sincere apologies to all iOS users who are looking forward to the EC App on their device and have been kept waiting for far too long. See, the thing is my coders promised the iOS version a month after the Android release, but they seem to have run into some issues and are not really communicative when it comes to the implementation of the EC App for iOS. The last I heard was that they were working on it and that it can only be a matter of weeks until the iOS launch. I heard that before many times, but sadly, valued iOS users, I cannot do anything to speed things up.

On the bright side, my team is constantly improving the game, fixing bugs etc and the campaign mode will soon be implemented and available in an update shortly. So I would say the extraordinarily long waiting time for the iOS App will be worth it in the end as you will get a more stable game with more options like the single player campaign mode implemented.

I am furthermore planning on releasing new cards in the App every now and then – not the whole Legendary Legacy Expansion at once (the task of implementing that would take half a year I guess) but maybe in batches of 10 monthly or every other month. That way your digital cards collection will grow and expand slowly but steadily! I am still negotiating with my coders on that though.

Once again, I am very sorry for the delay of the iOS version of the EC App but again, I cannot do a thing about it so we all will have to wait. Humbly asking for your understanding…

What the Future will bring for EC:

Well dear friends, I have great plans for the future of Elemental Clash, and my dreams may or may not come true depending on how my financial situation will develop in the nearer future (the outlook is quite bright though) as the (art) money is the only limiting factor for me and Elemental Clash, having dozens of expansions and mini-expansions all planned through and at the ready.

So now that a full 100+ different cards expansion is released, I will be changing my “business plan” a bit and start publishing EC in a different format, which has only benefits to you, valued EC player and potential customer, and to me, the designer and guy who has to pay for the artwork!

The new formats in which I will be releasing new cards in the future will be so called “Demi-Expansion” of approx. 90 cards total and Tribal-themed “Mini-Expansions” of approx. 36 cards in total. Releasing smaller sets will reduce the cost for me, decrease the waiting time and the price point for you, as I would be able to skip the expensive game box with foam insert and opt for a considerably cheaper tuck box. All that matters is kickass cards, so who cares about fancy boxes, right?

At this point I am determined to realize 5 of the “Demi-Expansions” mentioned above over the course of the next 2 – 3 years as well as several Tribal Packs.

The first Demi-Expansion will be all about everyone’s favorite fantasy creature type. You will be easily able to guess which by looking at the below logo draft (yes this one is actually unfinished as of yet):

The other four 90-cards Demi-Expansions will be focussed on one of the 4 Elements each. For more information about the Demi-Expansions, please read this article here.

To ease the waiting time and to give you all a little teaser and preview of what the future will bring for the game, I will be releaseing the “Future Sight Preview Pack” soon, which will contain 3 different, representative cards from every one of the 5 planned Demi-Expansions, giving you some awesome cards like this one…

…right away and granting you an exclusive glimpse into the future of the game!

The first “Tribal Pack” (Tribal-themed Mini-Expansion) will introduce a brand-new Creature type to Elemental Clash: Orcs! Here’s what the box will look like:

For more information about the Tribal Pack – Orcs and for some awesome Orc art and card previews please read my blog post here.

So you see, there is a lot of EC-awesomeness headed your way and I hope my other works and projects will earn me enough money to be able to realize all what I so boldly announced just a few moments ago!

Welcoming 4 New Artists to the Elemental Clash Art Team:

Fresh blood is needed and bringing new artist are always an exciting and interesting thing. So I searched for and found four talented artists from all around the globe who are willing and able to produce top-notch artworks at rates that are affordable even for my humble self. Let me tell me their names and from where they are accompanied by an art preview each done by one of my new artists:

Venus Dragon by Rubén Castro (CHILE)

Relicbane Dragon by Le Rastislav (SLOVAKIA).

Stonegorger Dragon by Phil McDermott (UK)


Coelocaudus, Leviathan Monarch by Erick Rabang (PHILIPPINES).

Welcome, Rub√©n, Rastislav, Phil and Erick to the Elemental Clash art team, or shall I say “family”?


Well everyone, that is my May 2014 Newsflash for you! If you want to stay up-to-date on Elemental Clash, I recommend you like it on facebook and/or you subscribe to my games blog where I post regularly about EC, as well as about other games, my own and others!

With this I say farewell for now and wish you all


Sincerely yours,



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EC January 2014 Newsflash – EC App, Theme Decks and the Hall of Heroes

Dear friends of Elemental Clash!

It has been a while since I gave you the last newsflash and much has happened in the meantime!

Other games of mine got picked up by renowned publishers, some of which will be on Kickstarter/released soon, I have been working as a pixel artist and working on some other, graphics design-related jobs in order to rake together the necessary funds to finally complete and realease the Legendary Legacy 100+ cards expansion to Elemental Clash: The Master Set.

So now finally I find some time to tell you about a few things:

  • Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy – where we stand now:

Despite the slowness of the Indiegogo Campaign (THANK YOU to the few that have actually backed it) in which I attempted to raise “just” $2500 USD for the sole purpose of getting the rest of the art needed to complete and release EC: LL, the first full 100+ cards expansion to the Master Set, funded, generous and passionate fans of Elemental Clash have done their best sending not only their moral, but also monetary support and so the LL expansion could well be finished and released on www.thegamecrafter.com by end of Quarter 1, 2014.
  • The EC App for Android is now available in Google Play worldwide!

I am happy to inform you that the Elemental Clash App for Android is readily available in google play worldwide. Some initial bugs were fixed and some early downloaders were offended by said already fixed bugs but overall we are receiving great reviews and feedbacks for it. Please do yourself a favor, if you own an Android device or two, give the EC App a try. A free trial version is available but at a nominal fee of just $3 USD you can upgrade to the full version which will unlock all the cards and features and entitle you to a lifetime of updates. Now whether or not there will be any updates depends on you, dear friend of EC/dear customer. If enough people show interest by downloading the App, future updates will be implemented (new cards and features and such).
The iOS version will hit the App Store in a matter of weeks by the way!
  • Elemental Clash Theme Decks now available on The Game Crafter for CHEAP!

Following sound advice from a good friend (thank you Brenden!) I decided to create and offer Elemental Clash Theme Decks on the cheap over at my trusty manufactuerer and business partner The Game Crafter, LLC. There are a total of 10 different Theme Decks available, each with an unique selection of cards and hence an unique strategy and playing style and each centered around one of the 10 differnet Master Set Spellcasters. These decks will contain 30-50 cards (depending on the Spellcaster) and are intended as a cheap intro product into the world of Elemental Clash, costing only $9.99 USD each. And best of all: They contain yet unreleased cards from the upcoming Legendary Legacy Expansion Set. So if you can’t wait for the expansion release, grab yourself some theme decks to get to play the expansion cards prior to actual release. Here images and links for all of the 10 different them decks available:

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

  • Introducing the “HALL OF HEROES”:
To honor and express my gratitude towards the patrons and helpful people who made grand contributions to the Elemental Clash project as a whole over the past couple of years, I created the so called “Hall of Heroes”, to be found in the main menu bar of this here website. In the presitgious Hall of Heroes, the likenesses of people who have made major contributions, be it moral or monetary or otherwise, will be displayed. If YOU want to become an Elemental Clash “Hero” and want your picture added to the Hall, please check out the Elemental Clash Patron Program!
Ok I think the major points are covered. As always, thank you for your time and attention and until next time!
Keep clashing!!
Sincerely yours,
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Elemental Clash November 2013 News Flash!

Dear friends and supporters of Elemental Clash, dear readers!

Some time has passed since the unfortunate failure of Elemental Clash – The Master Set on Kickstarter.

Since this did not spell defeat and was by no means the end of the project, I have been busy lately working on Elemental Clash.

Here is a little news flash of what has happened, what will happen in the near future:

Elemental Clash for Sale at The Game Crafter!

Since Elemental Clash does not seem to be the kind of game that appeals to enough people to warrant (and fund) mass production, the game has found a home yet again on top print-on-demand manufacturer and seller of great indie board and card games The Game Crafter, and it is in good company there. At present I am offering the “Retro Editions” (which have the “old” artwork done by myself) as well as the Elemental Clash Master Set (the definite version of the game featuring state-of-the-art illustrations). You can find and purchase the latter here! Be aware of the fact that by making a purchase you are supporting the project and allow me to fund the realization of further cards in the form of expansion sets!

Elemental Clash Android App Launch Imminent:

The time is nigh: The Elemental Clash Mobile App is finished and will be released for Android on Google Play any day now. The iOS version will follow shortly. It is my pleasure and honor to mention that the EC App made it to the top 6 finalists in a grand Mobile Games competition over in Indonesia and this was part of the reason why the App release was a bit delayed as one of the requirements of the competition was that the game has to be unpublished. Have a look at this mouth-watering trailer/teaser for the App:

EC: Legendary Legacy to be released 1st Qarter of 2014!

Due to unfortunate events draining my budget for card art (and this is all that is hindering the release of new card sets) I will not be able to release the first full expansion to EC: The Master Set, Legendary Legacy, in time for this year’s Christmas as I had intended to do. But do not fear, the release is only being delayed somewhat and I think announcing a 1st Quarter of 2014 release on The Game Crafter is very realistic. I already have the art for a bit less than half of the cards and much of the rest is paid for already. If you are curious about the new cards, please check out the partial card spoiler on this website in the cards section. There you will find 40 different cards at present – I will be adding further cards to the spoiler as the art comes in. Anyways stay tuned for an early 2014 release of EC: Legendary Legacy on The Game Crafter! And here some card previews from Legendary Legacy right away!

Welcome to our New Artists on the EC Art Team!

I would like to seize the opportunity to welcome three new, highly-gifted artists to the Elemental Clash Art team! So welcome Dennis Saputra from Indonesia, Alonzo Emata from the Philippines and Evgeni Maloshenkov from the Ukraine. All three are a great addition to the international team of talented and dedicated artists who are working hard on giving and maintaining highest visual standards to the new Elemental Clash cards to be released with Legendary Legacy and beyond. Here some eye-candy showcasing the art of those three great artists:

Well these are the most important news items I can bring to you right now regarding Elemental Clash!

If you want to stay up-to-date when it comes to Elemental Clash as well as my other game projects

please check out and subscribe to my new games blog at


There I will post regular articles on Elemental Clash including new card previews and much more. Be sure to stop by some time!

Thank you for your interest and attention!

Sincerely yours,





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Elemental Clash on Kickstarter – Elemental Clash on YOUR Mobile Device

Well, third time is a charm as they say! So Elemental Clash: The Master Set is on Kickstarter now for the third (and last) time.

This time around I changed a couple of things and introduced new pledge levels as well as lower and more numerous Stretch Goal rewards to be unlocked so please have a look at the KICKSTARTER and please consider backing Elemental Clash: The Master Set!

I have another great announcement for you: The Elemental Clash Mobile App for Android and iOS is about to hit Google Play / the App Store. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing teaser:


Well I hope you are looking forward to the release of the Elemental Clash Mobile App as much as I do and will keep you updated!

All the best and kind regards!



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EC re-launches on Kickstarter August 1st 2013!

Dear friends of Elemental Clash!

It is my pleasure to announce the¬†re-launch of “Elemental Clash: The Master Set”¬†scheduled for¬†¬†1st of August 2013.


This time around Elemental Clash is “going USA”! This means the game will be¬†printed in and shipped from the United States of America, enabling me to offer the game at a significantly lower price to American backers. However, at the same time this will mean higher shipping costs for non-US backers. I simply cannot offer the game for cheap for both US- and non-US backers. So I’d like to apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused to all (potential) backers and friends of Elemental Clash from outside the US.

Furthermore, I changed the Stretch Goal Plan, with¬†more and lower Stretch Goals¬†this time around. At every 500 USD exceeding the funding goal I’ll add in a free Promo Card for everyone (with a total of 10 different Promos to be “unlocked”)! Also, at a certain level of over-funding there will be a free mini-expansion called the “Terrain Pack” which will introduce a great new variant of play for 2 players. The last Stretch Goal will again be the first expansion to the “Master Set” for free!

What is more, there will be an unique and prestigious¬†new pledge level¬†called the¬†“Elemental Clash Ultimate Backer”¬†which, while it will not be cheap by any means, will allow YOU to contribute significantly to the future of Elemental Clash by rewarding you with the opportunity of designing 3 (!) cards to be included in the “Master Set” and the upcoming expansion “Legendary Legacy” plus many copies of the game and other goodies!

Well I hope you are looking forward to the re-launch of “Elemental Clash: The Master Set” as much as I do!!

The project has just been submitted to Kickstarter, pending approval, and I will definitely keep you up to date and post the link to the new project page once it goes live on 1st of August!

One last word about the Elemental Clash App for Android and iOS: The release is scheduled for mid-August (on Android Рthe iOS release will follow shortly) and I hope I will be able to present you with the App without much further delay!

Sincerely yours,


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Elemental Clash: THE MASTER SET launches on KICKSTARTER 1st of January 2013!!

Now it is official:


Elemental Clash: The Master Set will launch on Kickstarter on January 1st 2013.


The Kickstarter campaign to realize the Elemental Clash Master Set will start on January 1st 2013 and last for one month until February 1st 2013. Andreas Propst, the creator of Elemental Clash, will partner on the project with his good friend, Elemental Clash fan and supporter of the first hour and games expert par excellence Hank Panethiere, known as “metalchorus” on www.boardgamegeek.com.

Along with the Master Set, which will contain a comprehensive, balanced and carefully chosen selection of cards from all sets released to-date, there will be a lot of extras and goodies like T-Shirts, Promo card sets and even a chance to immortalize yourself in one of the card artworks available by backing the project on Kickstarter. What is more, various “stretch-goals” will, if reached, unlock even more extras and premium items, such as Kickstarter-exclusive Promos and Mini-Expansions, a set of the quite popular Spellcaster cards as well as high-quality playmats just to mention a few stretch-goal rewards.

I have started a (partial) spoiler to be found on this website under “Cards –> Master Set” where I will be revealing cards which will be included in the Master Set on a regular basis!

More news and updates on the upcoming Kickstarter and about the soon-to-be-released EC Mobile App can be found at the Elemental Clash Blog on BoardGameGeek!

Stay tuned for more news, card and art previews!

Keep clashing!



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