Elemental Clash: The Outlook for 2015!

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

As the old year is drawing to a close and the new year is nearing ever faster, I would like to give you a little glimpse of what the future of Elemental Clash will bring in this coming year! And a lot of things are going to happen, that I will tell you right away.

For 2015 I have planned  the release of several smaller and larger Expansion Sets for the game, which I am going to introduce you to shortly. But first let me break the greatest of all news to you – in the form of an image. See below and be amazed!

3D Backgrounds for Desktop Computers Free 3D Wallpapers

Yes, that is right, Elemental Clash will be published through Rocky Raccoon Games in Brazil this coming year. I am afraid the Intro Pack won’t be released in time for Christmas but I was promised that the full Master Set will be released in March 2015, right after the dust has settled from the big Brazilian carnival! Thank you very much for everything Helio Greca! (See my Brazilian partner in the form of a promotional EC card below!)

Helios, Disciple of the Rising Sun Preview

OK so now that the grand news has been announced, let us move on to the various smaller and larger sets of Elemental Clash I plan on releasing over the course of the coming year 2015!

  • Tribal Pack “Orc Onslaught”:

This will be the first of hopefully many “Tribal Packs” which will be some kind of Mini-Expansions all focused on one Creature type – in the case of this first Tribal Pack it will be the Orc Tribe.

Tribal Pack Orcs Boxshot

Each Tribal Pack will contain 36 cards in total, so 12 different ones. Please note that each Tribal Pack will be illustrated by one artist. In the case of the Orcs Tribal Pack, Emmanuel Bou Rolán from Argentina is the artist to illustrate all the Orc cards and he is almost done with all of them. Have a look at some exclusive card previews from the upcoming Orcs Mini Expansion:

Some Orc Card Previews

  • Duel Pack: Order vs Chaos:

After the release of the first Duel Pack (Trolls vs Goblins) I plan on releasing further such 2 player dueling packs and next up will be the “Duel Pack: Order vs Chaos”. In the case of the latter, I have neither visuals to show you nor any info on the cards contained but you can be sure that there will be a ton of never-before-released/printed cards in both the Order and the Chaos Decks. I will post an update as soon as I know more about this second Duel Pack.

Next up two AWESOME Elemental Clash Standalone Sets that are both folk tale themed. Here they are:

  • Elemental Clash: Austrian Tales Deluxe Editon:

This is basically a re-release of the old Austrian Tales EC Set and will be a standalone game containing about 300 cards (around 100 different ones) and being playable without actually owning the Master Set (Base Set) as all 2 – 4 players will need to build a ton of different decks will be included, also Basic Element-Stones.

Austrian Tales Box Preview

For those who are not familiar with the previous release of Elemental Clash: Austrian Tales, this is a very special set that contains only cards inspired by or depicting mythological creatures and magical events from my own home country Austria’s rich cultural heritage of folk tales. The pack will be full of spiritual beings of all kinds, devils and dragons as well as dwarves and giants, all of which are taken right out of our Austrian folk tales. I named the re-release the “Deluxe Edition” because, contrary to the old release, all the cards will have professionally done, full artwork, masterfully executed by just one illustrator - my good friend and fellow artist Dennis Saputra from Indonesia.

Take a look at some never before seen card samples below to see how great the new “Austrian Tales” will look like:

Austrian Tales Card Previews

Next up will be a similar set of Elemental Clash, which is inspired by folk tales as well – only this time not Austrian but Slavic (Eastern European) ones:

  • Elemental Clash: Slavic Tales:

For more than one and a half year my good friend Filip Bak, a very talented comic artist from Poland, has been tirelessly working on illustration after illustration for the Slavic Tales Set, which will be a Standalone Elemental Clash Set as well.

EC - ST Logo small

My relentless artist friend from Poland has created so much artwork that I actually lost count of the number of artworks we’ll have in the end and hence I cannot tell you a definite card count for the complete Slavic Tales Set but it is bound to be huge and my guess is a minimum of about 80 different cards that will come with Slavic Tales. Similar as the Austrian Tales Set, the cards in Slavic Tales are taken right out of the fantastic world of Slavic (Eastern European) mythology. What will make this Set special and stand out from the crowd of other EC Sets/Products is the fact that EC: Slavic Tales will consist of Creatures only (plus Element-Stones of course) – so there will be no Spell cards per se. However we designed the Creatures in a way so that many of them make for good replacements for Spells. The new “Quickplay” Ability will certainly play a central role in creating a working Set of Elemental Clash devoid of any Spells. For your Info: Quickplay is an Ability for Permanent Cards (so Creatures for instance) that lets you play them any time just like Flash-Spells. Combined with lots and lots of useful Play-Effects, a good part of the Slavic Tales Creatures will be good, well-working replacement for Spell cards. Take a look at four sample cards:

ST Some Card Samples

Well this is all I can announce for now as for new Sets of various sizes to be released over the course of the coming year 2015. As you can see, EC is far from dead and there is much awesomeness coming right for us next year. Let me announce two other major things that are going to happen in 2015:

  • “Transforming” Elemental Clash:

Inspired by another game of mine and to some extent by the Extra Deck shenannigans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG I felt the need or the urge to introduce something completely new into the Elemental Clash card game universe. What I came up with in one of my notorious “epiphanies” is something that might, quite literally “transform” the game and the way we play it – in a beneficial and desirable manner if done right.

So I came up with the concept of Transformations and introduced the new card type “Transformed Creature”.

Here are a couple for you to look at before I explain briefly how transforming Creatures works:

Some Transformed Creatures

As you can see above, I don’t have an actual artworks for the Transformation Cards (Transformed Creatures) – what you see above are just placeholders.

I shall explain briefly what the new Transformation thing is all about, but would recommend that you’d read the full article about Transformations on my games blog.

So with the introduction of Transformation Cards, each player is allowed to have a so called “Transformation Deck” of up to but no more than 12 cards. This deck is kept seperately, never shuffled in with the Spellbook (Main Deck) and will consist solely of Transformed Creatures like the ones seen above. Now each Transformed Creature has, besides other abilities, two “clauses”. The first is the “Transforms from X” clause, which indicates which type of Creature you need to have in play in order to transform it. The second clause is the so called “Transformation Trigger”: It indicates which conditions or requirements must be met in order to transform an eligible Creature in play. These requirements can be all kinds of thing as you can see in the four samples above. When you have a suitable Creature in play and the Transformation Trigger requirements of any of your Transformation Deck cards are met, you can take the respective Transformed Creature from your Transformation Deck and place it on top of the Creature in play. That is called a Transformation. Well, I think the possibilities with this new card type and game concept are endless and hold great potential both for me as the designer and for you, the player, adding yet another strategic layer to an already very strategic Elemental Clash. And don’t you worry, I will see to it that the Transformations will not be too overpowered so that using them would be mandatory to stay comeptitive. Done the right way, EC could benefit greatly from the Transformation concept and I will see to it that it will do so in the end!

Lastly, and this will conclude this whole bunch of awesome EC-related news, I will announce one more thing:

  • Upcoming: EC –  The German Edition

After seeing, to my surprise, how well Elemental Clash was received at this year’s Spielefest in Vienna, the largest annual gaming event in Austria with tens of thousands of visitors, I have come to the firm conviction that I should try to bring Elemental Clash to the German speaking market, so mostly Austria and Germany, German being my native language anyways. So despite of more failed crowdfunders than I can count, I am very much inclined to try at least one more crowdfundern for financing a larger print run of the Elemental Clash German Edition, well planned through way ahead of time. My target had always been the American audience but maybe there could be a market for the game in Austria and Germany as well. And after all I have like 300 artworks and hence finished cards already around just sitting around on my external hard drive and all I’d need would be the necessary funds for the print run. Well I am definitely willing to give German EC a shot!


And that concludes my 2015 outlook regarding Elemental Clash! I hope you are looking forward to all the above just as much as I do!

Well, as you can see after having read this article, much work awaits – and EC is by far not my only projects as many of you will know!

So I, Andreas Propst, and the rest of the Elemental Clash Team wish you a merry christmas season and a happy new year!!

Sincerely yours,



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EC May 2014 Newsflash: Legendary Legacy Released!! + The Future of EC & More

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

Much has happened since my lasst Newsflash back in January this year and I will share with you the major news items in the following, beginning with the most awesome one:

Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy released and available on TGC now!

I am immensely please to be able to announce that the first full, 100+ different cards expansion to the Master Set – Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy

is finally complete, released and as of now available on The Game Crafter – if you want a copy, you can get it HERE.

There is also a RAFFLE in which you can win one out of three highly unique, exclusive and limited Release Promo Card Packs!! You can enter until May 31st 2014 and only if you are in the United States of America – sorry all others, I don’t want to discriminate anyone but 40 USD international shipping is something I cannot at all afford…

To find out more about EC: Legendary Legacy and how to participate in the raffle as well as for some awesome card previews from the expansion I would like to refer you to this article on my games blog.

News on the Elemental Clash Mobile App:

Well first of all my sincere apologies to all iOS users who are looking forward to the EC App on their device and have been kept waiting for far too long. See, the thing is my coders promised the iOS version a month after the Android release, but they seem to have run into some issues and are not really communicative when it comes to the implementation of the EC App for iOS. The last I heard was that they were working on it and that it can only be a matter of weeks until the iOS launch. I heard that before many times, but sadly, valued iOS users, I cannot do anything to speed things up.

On the bright side, my team is constantly improving the game, fixing bugs etc and the campaign mode will soon be implemented and available in an update shortly. So I would say the extraordinarily long waiting time for the iOS App will be worth it in the end as you will get a more stable game with more options like the single player campaign mode implemented.

I am furthermore planning on releasing new cards in the App every now and then – not the whole Legendary Legacy Expansion at once (the task of implementing that would take half a year I guess) but maybe in batches of 10 monthly or every other month. That way your digital cards collection will grow and expand slowly but steadily! I am still negotiating with my coders on that though.

Once again, I am very sorry for the delay of the iOS version of the EC App but again, I cannot do a thing about it so we all will have to wait. Humbly asking for your understanding…

What the Future will bring for EC:

Well dear friends, I have great plans for the future of Elemental Clash, and my dreams may or may not come true depending on how my financial situation will develop in the nearer future (the outlook is quite bright though) as the (art) money is the only limiting factor for me and Elemental Clash, having dozens of expansions and mini-expansions all planned through and at the ready.

So now that a full 100+ different cards expansion is released, I will be changing my “business plan” a bit and start publishing EC in a different format, which has only benefits to you, valued EC player and potential customer, and to me, the designer and guy who has to pay for the artwork!

The new formats in which I will be releasing new cards in the future will be so called “Demi-Expansion” of approx. 90 cards total and Tribal-themed “Mini-Expansions” of approx. 36 cards in total. Releasing smaller sets will reduce the cost for me, decrease the waiting time and the price point for you, as I would be able to skip the expensive game box with foam insert and opt for a considerably cheaper tuck box. All that matters is kickass cards, so who cares about fancy boxes, right?

At this point I am determined to realize 5 of the “Demi-Expansions” mentioned above over the course of the next 2 – 3 years as well as several Tribal Packs.

The first Demi-Expansion will be all about everyone’s favorite fantasy creature type. You will be easily able to guess which by looking at the below logo draft (yes this one is actually unfinished as of yet):

The other four 90-cards Demi-Expansions will be focussed on one of the 4 Elements each. For more information about the Demi-Expansions, please read this article here.

To ease the waiting time and to give you all a little teaser and preview of what the future will bring for the game, I will be releaseing the “Future Sight Preview Pack” soon, which will contain 3 different, representative cards from every one of the 5 planned Demi-Expansions, giving you some awesome cards like this one…

…right away and granting you an exclusive glimpse into the future of the game!

The first “Tribal Pack” (Tribal-themed Mini-Expansion) will introduce a brand-new Creature type to Elemental Clash: Orcs! Here’s what the box will look like:

For more information about the Tribal Pack – Orcs and for some awesome Orc art and card previews please read my blog post here.

So you see, there is a lot of EC-awesomeness headed your way and I hope my other works and projects will earn me enough money to be able to realize all what I so boldly announced just a few moments ago!

Welcoming 4 New Artists to the Elemental Clash Art Team:

Fresh blood is needed and bringing new artist are always an exciting and interesting thing. So I searched for and found four talented artists from all around the globe who are willing and able to produce top-notch artworks at rates that are affordable even for my humble self. Let me tell me their names and from where they are accompanied by an art preview each done by one of my new artists:

Venus Dragon by Rubén Castro (CHILE)

Relicbane Dragon by Le Rastislav (SLOVAKIA).

Stonegorger Dragon by Phil McDermott (UK)


Coelocaudus, Leviathan Monarch by Erick Rabang (PHILIPPINES).

Welcome, Rubén, Rastislav, Phil and Erick to the Elemental Clash art team, or shall I say “family”?


Well everyone, that is my May 2014 Newsflash for you! If you want to stay up-to-date on Elemental Clash, I recommend you like it on facebook and/or you subscribe to my games blog where I post regularly about EC, as well as about other games, my own and others!

With this I say farewell for now and wish you all


Sincerely yours,



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EC January 2014 Newsflash – EC App, Theme Decks and the Hall of Heroes

Dear friends of Elemental Clash!

It has been a while since I gave you the last newsflash and much has happened in the meantime!

Other games of mine got picked up by renowned publishers, some of which will be on Kickstarter/released soon, I have been working as a pixel artist and working on some other, graphics design-related jobs in order to rake together the necessary funds to finally complete and realease the Legendary Legacy 100+ cards expansion to Elemental Clash: The Master Set.

So now finally I find some time to tell you about a few things:

  • Elemental Clash: Legendary Legacy – where we stand now:

Despite the slowness of the Indiegogo Campaign (THANK YOU to the few that have actually backed it) in which I attempted to raise “just” $2500 USD for the sole purpose of getting the rest of the art needed to complete and release EC: LL, the first full 100+ cards expansion to the Master Set, funded, generous and passionate fans of Elemental Clash have done their best sending not only their moral, but also monetary support and so the LL expansion could well be finished and released on www.thegamecrafter.com by end of Quarter 1, 2014.
  • The EC App for Android is now available in Google Play worldwide!

I am happy to inform you that the Elemental Clash App for Android is readily available in google play worldwide. Some initial bugs were fixed and some early downloaders were offended by said already fixed bugs but overall we are receiving great reviews and feedbacks for it. Please do yourself a favor, if you own an Android device or two, give the EC App a try. A free trial version is available but at a nominal fee of just $3 USD you can upgrade to the full version which will unlock all the cards and features and entitle you to a lifetime of updates. Now whether or not there will be any updates depends on you, dear friend of EC/dear customer. If enough people show interest by downloading the App, future updates will be implemented (new cards and features and such).
The iOS version will hit the App Store in a matter of weeks by the way!
  • Elemental Clash Theme Decks now available on The Game Crafter for CHEAP!

Following sound advice from a good friend (thank you Brenden!) I decided to create and offer Elemental Clash Theme Decks on the cheap over at my trusty manufactuerer and business partner The Game Crafter, LLC. There are a total of 10 different Theme Decks available, each with an unique selection of cards and hence an unique strategy and playing style and each centered around one of the 10 differnet Master Set Spellcasters. These decks will contain 30-50 cards (depending on the Spellcaster) and are intended as a cheap intro product into the world of Elemental Clash, costing only $9.99 USD each. And best of all: They contain yet unreleased cards from the upcoming Legendary Legacy Expansion Set. So if you can’t wait for the expansion release, grab yourself some theme decks to get to play the expansion cards prior to actual release. Here images and links for all of the 10 different them decks available:

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

Buy here.

  • Introducing the “HALL OF HEROES”:
To honor and express my gratitude towards the patrons and helpful people who made grand contributions to the Elemental Clash project as a whole over the past couple of years, I created the so called “Hall of Heroes”, to be found in the main menu bar of this here website. In the presitgious Hall of Heroes, the likenesses of people who have made major contributions, be it moral or monetary or otherwise, will be displayed. If YOU want to become an Elemental Clash “Hero” and want your picture added to the Hall, please check out the Elemental Clash Patron Program!
Ok I think the major points are covered. As always, thank you for your time and attention and until next time!
Keep clashing!!
Sincerely yours,
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Elemental Clash November 2013 News Flash!

Dear friends and supporters of Elemental Clash, dear readers!

Some time has passed since the unfortunate failure of Elemental Clash – The Master Set on Kickstarter.

Since this did not spell defeat and was by no means the end of the project, I have been busy lately working on Elemental Clash.

Here is a little news flash of what has happened, what will happen in the near future:

Elemental Clash for Sale at The Game Crafter!

Since Elemental Clash does not seem to be the kind of game that appeals to enough people to warrant (and fund) mass production, the game has found a home yet again on top print-on-demand manufacturer and seller of great indie board and card games The Game Crafter, and it is in good company there. At present I am offering the “Retro Editions” (which have the “old” artwork done by myself) as well as the Elemental Clash Master Set (the definite version of the game featuring state-of-the-art illustrations). You can find and purchase the latter here! Be aware of the fact that by making a purchase you are supporting the project and allow me to fund the realization of further cards in the form of expansion sets!

Elemental Clash Android App Launch Imminent:

The time is nigh: The Elemental Clash Mobile App is finished and will be released for Android on Google Play any day now. The iOS version will follow shortly. It is my pleasure and honor to mention that the EC App made it to the top 6 finalists in a grand Mobile Games competition over in Indonesia and this was part of the reason why the App release was a bit delayed as one of the requirements of the competition was that the game has to be unpublished. Have a look at this mouth-watering trailer/teaser for the App:

EC: Legendary Legacy to be released 1st Qarter of 2014!

Due to unfortunate events draining my budget for card art (and this is all that is hindering the release of new card sets) I will not be able to release the first full expansion to EC: The Master Set, Legendary Legacy, in time for this year’s Christmas as I had intended to do. But do not fear, the release is only being delayed somewhat and I think announcing a 1st Quarter of 2014 release on The Game Crafter is very realistic. I already have the art for a bit less than half of the cards and much of the rest is paid for already. If you are curious about the new cards, please check out the partial card spoiler on this website in the cards section. There you will find 40 different cards at present – I will be adding further cards to the spoiler as the art comes in. Anyways stay tuned for an early 2014 release of EC: Legendary Legacy on The Game Crafter! And here some card previews from Legendary Legacy right away!

Welcome to our New Artists on the EC Art Team!

I would like to seize the opportunity to welcome three new, highly-gifted artists to the Elemental Clash Art team! So welcome Dennis Saputra from Indonesia, Alonzo Emata from the Philippines and Evgeni Maloshenkov from the Ukraine. All three are a great addition to the international team of talented and dedicated artists who are working hard on giving and maintaining highest visual standards to the new Elemental Clash cards to be released with Legendary Legacy and beyond. Here some eye-candy showcasing the art of those three great artists:

Well these are the most important news items I can bring to you right now regarding Elemental Clash!

If you want to stay up-to-date when it comes to Elemental Clash as well as my other game projects

please check out and subscribe to my new games blog at


There I will post regular articles on Elemental Clash including new card previews and much more. Be sure to stop by some time!

Thank you for your interest and attention!

Sincerely yours,





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Elemental Clash on Kickstarter – Elemental Clash on YOUR Mobile Device

Well, third time is a charm as they say! So Elemental Clash: The Master Set is on Kickstarter now for the third (and last) time.

This time around I changed a couple of things and introduced new pledge levels as well as lower and more numerous Stretch Goal rewards to be unlocked so please have a look at the KICKSTARTER and please consider backing Elemental Clash: The Master Set!

I have another great announcement for you: The Elemental Clash Mobile App for Android and iOS is about to hit Google Play / the App Store. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing teaser:


Well I hope you are looking forward to the release of the Elemental Clash Mobile App as much as I do and will keep you updated!

All the best and kind regards!



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EC re-launches on Kickstarter August 1st 2013!

Dear friends of Elemental Clash!

It is my pleasure to announce the re-launch of “Elemental Clash: The Master Set” scheduled for  1st of August 2013.


This time around Elemental Clash is “going USA”! This means the game will be printed in and shipped from the United States of America, enabling me to offer the game at a significantly lower price to American backers. However, at the same time this will mean higher shipping costs for non-US backers. I simply cannot offer the game for cheap for both US- and non-US backers. So I’d like to apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused to all (potential) backers and friends of Elemental Clash from outside the US.

Furthermore, I changed the Stretch Goal Plan, with more and lower Stretch Goals this time around. At every 500 USD exceeding the funding goal I’ll add in a free Promo Card for everyone (with a total of 10 different Promos to be “unlocked”)! Also, at a certain level of over-funding there will be a free mini-expansion called the “Terrain Pack” which will introduce a great new variant of play for 2 players. The last Stretch Goal will again be the first expansion to the “Master Set” for free!

What is more, there will be an unique and prestigious new pledge level called the “Elemental Clash Ultimate Backer” which, while it will not be cheap by any means, will allow YOU to contribute significantly to the future of Elemental Clash by rewarding you with the opportunity of designing 3 (!) cards to be included in the “Master Set” and the upcoming expansion “Legendary Legacy” plus many copies of the game and other goodies!

Well I hope you are looking forward to the re-launch of “Elemental Clash: The Master Set” as much as I do!!

The project has just been submitted to Kickstarter, pending approval, and I will definitely keep you up to date and post the link to the new project page once it goes live on 1st of August!

One last word about the Elemental Clash App for Android and iOS: The release is scheduled for mid-August (on Android – the iOS release will follow shortly) and I hope I will be able to present you with the App without much further delay!

Sincerely yours,


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Elemental Clash: THE MASTER SET launches on KICKSTARTER 1st of January 2013!!

Now it is official:


Elemental Clash: The Master Set will launch on Kickstarter on January 1st 2013.


The Kickstarter campaign to realize the Elemental Clash Master Set will start on January 1st 2013 and last for one month until February 1st 2013. Andreas Propst, the creator of Elemental Clash, will partner on the project with his good friend, Elemental Clash fan and supporter of the first hour and games expert par excellence Hank Panethiere, known as “metalchorus” on www.boardgamegeek.com.

Along with the Master Set, which will contain a comprehensive, balanced and carefully chosen selection of cards from all sets released to-date, there will be a lot of extras and goodies like T-Shirts, Promo card sets and even a chance to immortalize yourself in one of the card artworks available by backing the project on Kickstarter. What is more, various “stretch-goals” will, if reached, unlock even more extras and premium items, such as Kickstarter-exclusive Promos and Mini-Expansions, a set of the quite popular Spellcaster cards as well as high-quality playmats just to mention a few stretch-goal rewards.

I have started a (partial) spoiler to be found on this website under “Cards –> Master Set” where I will be revealing cards which will be included in the Master Set on a regular basis!

More news and updates on the upcoming Kickstarter and about the soon-to-be-released EC Mobile App can be found at the Elemental Clash Blog on BoardGameGeek!

Stay tuned for more news, card and art previews!

Keep clashing!



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Elemental Clash: THE MASTER SET coming in early 2013!

Elemental Clash: THE MASTER SET will be released in early 2013, introducing a whole new generation of Elemental Clash cards. Please have a look at the ever-growing partial spoiler here if you are interested:


Also visit the Elemental Clash facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/elementalclash as well as my boardgamegeek blog at http://boardgamegeek.com/blog/471 for more information and the latest news on Elemental Clash!

So be prepared for awesomeness!



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Elemental Clash: Unicum now available on TGC!

Dear friends and fans of Elemental Clash!

I am proud to announce that Elemental Clash: Unicum, the fourth expansion to Elemental Clash is as of now available on www.thegamecrafter.com.

EC: Unicum comes with a whooping 72 all-new, exciting cards and a total of 168 cards. This time I am able to offer you a special discount of $ 5 USD compared to previous expansions. That means more different cards for less money! How could you go wrong with this?

Anyways in case you are interested, but want to look at the cards first, you can do so any time by checking out the Unicum cards gallery on this very website.

You can also conveniently order your copy of Elemental Clash: Unicum in the Buy section!

Keep on clashing,




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The Evolution of an Elemental Clash Card

It went a long way from first Print and Play prototype to the definite Master Edition version…

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